Pet-Friendly Home Inventions

Sharing our homes with our pets can sometimes have an impact. Our pets might not be able to respect and take care of our furniture and home like we do but this does not mean we have to sacrifice our style and comfort. The key to achieving this is by selecting pet friendly materials and items that will cater for both your pets needs and yours. Keep your eyes locked here for tips on how to create a pet-friendly home.

Get fur-free upholstery

When selecting upholstery for your furniture, think carefully about how likely they are to gather fur. Go for smooth tapestries, synthetic materials or leather because they are less likely to gather fur. Also put in mind that selecting high quality textiles will withstand constant scratching and biting. Steer clear from materials like silk which can easily be damaged by your furry little friend.

Go for durable flooring

If your pets spend a lot of time indoors, hardware flooring is always a better option than having a carpet. You can opt for ceramic tiles, laminate flooring or polished concrete. Hardware floors are easier to keep clean and free from stains as compared to carpets and can help to keep your pet cool in hot weather.

Don’t overlook your walls

Walls can become a hard thing to clean if you have pets in your house. You can go for satin and semi-gloss paints to repel fur and they are also easy to clean. Avoid highly textured walls because they are a fur magnet.

More tips to consider

  • Use fashionable upholstery
  • Slip proof your rugs
  • Create special spaces for your pets
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